ABA Therapy

For children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, daily activities and interactions can be challenging, and in many different ways. Our therapists work one-on-one with clients to create a personalized plan that uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy. ABA is based on the principles of how children learn combined with natural-environment settings and actions, helping clients to modify their behavior. This type of therapy uses activities of daily living to practice and develop skills, increasing behaviors that positively affect the client and decreasing behaviors that negatively affect them. Our therapists utilize behavior intervention plans developed by a BCBA (Board-Certified Behavior Analyst) that incorporate client goals, needs, and interventions. ABA is an intensive therapy that necessitates adherence to a scheduled duration of hours. 

All therapy services are provided in an inclusive community setting at Kids Play Gym.  Children receiving services will utilize both the public gym space, as well as our private therapy areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is a therapeutic method that helps children with autism reinforce positive behaviors and discourage negative behaviors through reward systems and consequences. ABA is play-based and aids children in gaining behavioral skills through one-on-one interactions with a therapist, as well as by playing with other children.

Does ABA work?

ABA has been declared an “evidence based” therapy method by the American Psychological Association, which means that it has been scientifically tested and proven to be effective. Over 20 clinical studies have been performed that conclude that long-term and intensive ABA therapy improves the intellectual and social functioning, language development, and daily living skills for many children with autism.


ABA Therapy has been used to help children with autism since the 1960s!