Recreational Therapy


There’s a happy feeling that comes from doing a fun activity. Recreational Therapy uses enjoyable activities and natural-environment learning to develop and improve functional skills that can be used in everyday life. Each therapy plan will be created according to the needs and goals of each client, complimenting other therapies including speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Our approach is holistic and strength-based, benefitting the client in many ways. Recreational Therapy is available for kids ages 15 with physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities, as well as those with mental illness, behavioral disorders, and more. 

All therapy services are provided in an inclusive community setting at Kids Play Gym.  Children receiving services will utilize both the public gym space, as well as our private therapy areas.  All children that are receiving services will be granted free admission to the public gym space, either before or after their session with parental supervision.


Our Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

What is recreation therapy?

Recreation therapy uses leisure activities and hobbies to improve the quality of life of clients. Play-based learning is a very important factor in RT and our therapists use recreational activities to focus on building social, physical, emotional, and developmental skills.

How is recreation therapy different from occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy focuses on performing specific daily tasks and goals, while recreation therapy incorporates skill-building into leisure activities. Both forms of therapy aid clients in developing valuable coping mechanisms, with each using a different approach. Recreation therapy works well with and actively supports occupational therapy, as well as speech and physical therapy.


Recreation therapy focuses on connection between good health and life enjoyment by using the power of play as a therapeutic tool.