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$10/HOUR + initial admission fee


Please fill out the intake packet online HERE

Or download it and e-mail it back to us at HERE

Once we have received your intake packet, we will contact you to schedule an intake interview.  This is done so that we can ensure we can best meet the needs of your child.  While we understand that some things might not be applicable to every child, please fill out every page to the best of your knowledge.  During your intake interview, we'll discuss with you how to schedule you break time appointments.

To find out all the awesome details, view our informational PDF HERE.


We are in the process of establishing occupational and speech therapy services at Kids Play Gym.  


Keep an eye on our events list on the front page for Parent Resource Night dates, times, and guests.  As always, adults are free.  If you bring your kids, normal visit pass fees for kids will apply, and your kids will be looked after by Kids Play Gym staff in the play area of the gym while you attend Resource Night in the party room.    

Recreational Therapy--NOW AVAILABLE!

Recreational Therapy uses recreational activities and natural-environment learning to develop and improve functional skills while adapting to the needs and goals of each individual child through a holistic, strength-based perspective.  Services are available for kids 15 and under and they will have a 1:1 client/therapist ratio OR occur in a group setting, depending on best fit.  

Benefits include improved social, emotional, communication, and motor skills, increased inclusion, self-confidence, motivation, sensory regulation, problem-solving, and more.  RT benefits individuals with physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities, neurological and sensory disorders, developmental delays, mental illness, behavioral disorders, at-risk youth, and more.  It actively supports other therapies, including speech, occupational, and physical therapies.  

Fill out the online intake packet HERE if you are interested in getting Recreational Therapy services.

OR DOWNLOAD the intake packet HERE and e-mail it back to us at 

Currently RT services at Kids Play Gym are only available through a self-pay option (although we are coordinating Medicaid coverage for the future), but we are committed to making them affordable, with service costs (including the visit pass to the gym) being $25 for a 1:1 session and $15 for group session. There will be two group sessions, with the younger group being geared toward those developmental ages 6 and under and the older group geared towards those developmental ages 7 to 15.  Groups will occur on a bi-weekly, rotating basis, Fridays from 4PM-5PM.

If you are interested in receiving Recreational Therapy services, be sure to talk to your doctor to get a referall for an intake assessment and services (read more about this in the information packet), but you may e-mail to find out more and schedule appointments.

Appointments will be available within the following time frames:

Tuesdays: 1:30PM-4:30PM

Wednesdays: 11:30AM-5PM

Thursdays: 11:30AM-5PM

Fridays: 11:30AM-3PM (with group being from 4PM-5PM)

Saturdays: limited availability