Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based practiced based on the principles of learning. ABA uses natural-environment teaching skills, behavior modification, and activities of daily living to help clients practice and develop skills. Furthermore, ABA deals with client behaviors in a way to mold client’s behavior by increasing desired behaviors and decreasing undesired behaviors through principles of learning and motivation. ABA therapists utilize behavior intervention plans developed by a BCBA (Board-Certified Behavior Analyst) relating to client goals, needs, and interventions.

ABA is an intensive, 1:1 therapy for children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder that necessitates adherence to a scheduled duration of hours. ABA services will be provided in an inclusive, community setting at Kids Play Gym. 

Contact us to find out more and/or to get on our waiting list for services! The first step is filling out the ABA Interest Questionnaire, which can be found HERE. Please download and e-mail it to info@kidsplaygym.com.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy provides 1:1 support for clients in developing, recovering, improving, and utilizing the skills needed for daily living. An OT uses natural-environment coaching to support clients in this skill development, including social, communication, coping, self-regulation, sensory regulation, fine and gross motor skills, and more. Occupational Therapy may often help a client and client’s family develop tools to use at home and at school, such as a sensory diet, adaptive techniques, coping skills, and more.

Contact 812-822-0605 or e-mail info@kidsplaygym.com to find out more about our Occupational Therapy services and/or to get on our waiting list. The first step is to download, fill out, and e-mail the Therapeutic Services Questionnaire to info@kidsplaygym.com. It can be found HERE.

Speech Therapy



A Speech Therapist assesses and treats persons with speech, language, voice, and fluency disorders, including communication delays and difficulties. They may select alternative communication systems and coach clients and families on their usage, such as sign language and visual schedules. A Speech Therapist works with functional communication to support client’s social and communication skills. A speech therapist can also work with infants and younger children on feeding and swallowing difficulties.  All speech therapy sessions will be in the inclusive, community environment of Kids Play Gym, and sessions will utilize play-based learning and practice.

If you are interested in finding more about our Speech Therapy services or getting on the waiting list for services, contact 812-822-0605 or e-mail info@kidsplaygym.com. The first step is to download the Therapeutic Services Questionnaire HERE, fill it out, and e-mail it to info@kidsplaygym.com.

Parent Break Time



Short-term childcare, no contract! No more than 3 children per adult! Focus on play-based learning!



$10/HOUR + initial admission fee


Please fill out the intake packet online HERE

Or download it and e-mail it back to us at info@kidsplaygym.com

Once we have received your intake packet, we will contact you to schedule an intake interview.  This is done so that we can ensure we can best meet the needs of your child.  While we understand that some things might not be applicable to every child, please fill out every page to the best of your knowledge.  During your intake interview, we'll discuss with you how to schedule you break time appointments.

To find out all the awesome details, view our informational PDF HERE.

Recreation Therapy



Recreation Therapy uses recreational activities and natural-environment learning to develop and improve functional skills while adapting to the needs and goals of each individual child through a holistic, strength-based perspective.  Services are available for kids ages 15 and under.

Benefits include improved social, emotional, communication, and motor skills, increased inclusion, self-confidence, motivation, sensory regulation, problem-solving, and more.  RT benefits individuals with physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities, neurological and sensory disorders, developmental delays, mental illness, behavioral disorders, at-risk youth, and more.  It actively supports other therapies, including speech, occupational, and physical therapies.  

We accept Medicaid Waiver and will offer affordable self-pay options as well,


If you are interested in receiving RT services through Kids Play Gym, please download the Therapeutic Services Questionnaire HERE, fill it out, and e-mail it to info@kidsplaygym.com.