Standard Party

$125/2.5 hours

  • Group rates apply for additional children
  • Signed rental agreement and $30 deposit is required to reserve

You may bring your own food/cater to your liking
Time to setup and clean-up, is included in your 2.5 hour time slot
Each child must have a waiver on file to play


If all you really care about is playing but need a food break too.

$25/half hour

Does not include set-up or tear-down time

Please call and reserve party room at least 2 weeks ahead of time to ensure availability. Can be combined with any form of gym admission (day pass, monthly membership, play-date/group rate passes). Party-On-The-Go must be paid in full to reserve.


Group Rates

  • 1-4 Children: $8.00 each
  • 5-9 Children: $7.00 each
  • 10-14 Children: $6.00 each
  • 15+ Children: $5.00 each

1 person pays/is responsible for all.
Cannot pay individually for group rate.

Every child must have a waiver on file to play

Fill it out online so that you're ready to play!