Welcome to Kids Play Gym!  We have built every single piece of equipment with the help of our family and friends. Our vision was to create a play space that focuses on learning and social interaction. Each piece of our equipment has a therapeutic property to it.

Hover over the pictures below for more details! Enjoy!

Climbing Wall

Reduces stress and gives positive outcomes on mental strength, problem-solving skills, builds endurance, independence skills, hand-eye coordination.

Zip Line

Good for the heart, reduces blood pressure, self-confidence, turn-taking, waiting in line.


Jumping helps increase bone density, strengthens every cell in the body, helps the body detoxify by enhancing lymphatic circulation, and enhances the immunity system to ward off infections.


Sharing, team work, problem-solving, communication, and group play.

Train Table

Recognizing items, vocabulary, following instructions, turn-taking, counting, and imaginative play skills.

Ball Pit

Satisfies body’s need for physical input by providing a combination of proprioceptive and tactile activation. Children that have difficulties with vestibular processing benefit because the balls help in positioning and balance.

Adaptive Swings

Calming, increases attention span, improves coordination, the swinging motion, and deep pressure gives a child relief from an overwhelmed nervous system.

Jungle Gym

Improves hand-eye coordination, muscle tone, balance, and confidence, moving from one position to another, climbing with hands and feet, and having to negotiate different height and movements all help to improve these vital skills.

Sensory Rooms

Sensory exploration incorporate a variety of senses: touch, sight, sounds, taste, and smells. Also, a great opportunity for children to learn cooperative play.

Interactive Water Tables

Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, social and emotional skills, kids practice cooperative play and sharing.